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Our shop boasts a range of products focusing on health and vitality.



Here at the Beacon, we have a variety of local products on our shop shelves following the theme of health and vitality, one of which is Hejgro. Proving to be one of our most popular products, Hejgro is an award-winning, wild foraged food producer in Frome who hand picks & hand makes everything - all organic & no gluten or refined sugar. Hejgro also makes medicinal Body Balms nourishing us on the outside as well as on the inside. Come into the Beacon of Renewal & try out our new range of Foraged Vegan Foods & Healing Body Balms.



We have an excellent arrray of immune boosting Pukka products in our shop, perfect for this flu season and keeping you healthy. Our selection includes:
- Elderberry syrup - Delicious seasonal wellness blend for the whole family with manuka honey - Priced at £14.95
- Mushroom Gold - A full spectrum Reishi, Maitake & Shiitake for sustained immunity - Priced at £18.95
- Wholistic tumeric - Retains curcuminoids, tumeric essential oils and a full range of tumeric actives - Priced at £14.95
- Vitamin C - Plant grown & sourced from a blend of organic fruits that deliver a potent long-lasting concentrate of vitamin C just as nature intended - Priced at £17.95



A local British based company based in Hereford, Herbfarmacy is an all natural herbal company selling winter tonics and ethical, cruelty free organic skincare. Here at the Beacon we have one product in particular that is a great addition to ones winter flu protection kit - Echinacea & Elderberry winter tonic. A perfect boost for the cold season, Echinacea provides natural nutritional support for the body’s immunity & Black Elderberry is an ancient winter hedgerow remedy, whose ability to support the body’s immune system has now been widely researched.



Our star masterchef Sam, who makes all of the food for our Cafe, also has a wonderful range of products on our shop shelves. All locally made with love and care, these products are nothing but quality and are seeping with health benefits and nouishment. Breakfast Shakes - these breakfast shakes are filled with raw, sprouted oats and activated nuts. Packed with slow release carbs and live enzymes that will help keep your stamina until lunch, whilst taking it easy on your digestive system. Our flavours are: peacan praline, cocoa hazelnut orange and macadamia strawberry hibiscus.

Cordials - all natural, home-made coridals. We have 'Thai Caress' with grapefruit, 'Glacial Bliss' with lime and 'Spiced Orange' with orange.
Nut Butter - raw activated nut butters we have Almond Nector with wild forest honey and Walnut Gold with cinnamon and vanilla.

Blackseed Honey - A specialty product, this is a potent immune system booster. Great for sore throats and infections, whilst also helping with allergies.


Some of the best incense in the world, favourd even by the Vatican, we're very happy to be supplying these delightfully fragrant blends by Prinknash. The benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey have been blending since 1906 when the community was on Caldey Island and are now the oldest major incense blenders in Europe. One of our most popular products and a wonderful gift for friends and family.

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An excellent array of wellness products from a local British company, Aquarius Flower Remedies. Originally from Northumberland, this Devon based company have been making and researching into therapeutic uses of flower essences for nearly 20 years and produce over 270 different flower remedy based products. As seen in the photos above, we have 30 ml Flower and Seed combinations that are to be taken as drops, 2 different body creams, a cleansing oil, massage oil and air spray.

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