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Monday talks

Monday 7th Febuary - Alicia Kon, Your Health In Winter, as informed by Eastern medicine. Alicia has been working in the Natural Health arena around the globe (Argentina, Portugal, UK) for more than 30 years. She specializes in Bio-Engineering, an holistic health approach developed with Japanese Master Kazuo Kon during the years in which she was his uchideshi (live-in apprentice). She is a Macrobiotics counselor, a qualified massage therapist (Wadô-atsu) and holistic practitioner (Moxibustion, Kinesiotaping, Body Movement, Breathing and Meditation Techniques…) Life is a flowing process so she likes to keep her work fresh and alive with continuous research, study and experimentation. Health and wellbeing were common subjects at her home as her elder brother pursued the career of Medicine, but she was always more inclined towards Eastern philosophies with a particular interest in the relationship between mind, body and spirit.


...And on Monday the 14th of February we will have a Singles Valentine's “Love-In” hosted by the Beacon team of newly attuned reiki/seichem Level Two-attuned healers giving Unconditional Love Reiki to anyone who wants it in their life.  Seichem attunements will be overseen by the lovely Samantha. 

Who is it for?

It’s for those who love the Beacon and for those who are still not quite sure what it's all about, and for guests of the above, and anyone who needs healing, physical, emotional, or Spiritual. This is a night not to be missed! 


7 pm February the 14th


the Centre for Science and Art. Blue Room.


Monday 21st Febuary - Roz Savage - Navigating uncharted waters. The world has never seemed so unpredictable, and it may be that the craziest is yet to come as we face the necessary breakdown of old-paradigm systems that have outlived their usefulness. How do we navigate these times with courage, resilience and grace? How do we use chaos as a catalyst for growth and evolution? What bold vision of the future can we stay true to as a guiding star? Dr Roz Savage MBE ( holds four Guinness World Records for ocean rowing, including first woman to row solo across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. She used her voyages as a campaigning platform to raise awareness of environmental issues, and remains obsessed with how we can create a better future for people and planet. In her forthcoming book, The Ocean in a Drop (Flint Books, October 2022), she approaches this question from various perspectives including psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, chaos theory, metaphysics and spirituality.


Ian Redmond OBE, Pathik Strand and Justin Walker
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ian Redmond OBE, Pathik Strand, and Justin Walker for their talks in January. The talks will continue in February despite the closing of the shop.
I want to promote something Ian brought to our attention towards the end of his talk on forest elephants and mountain gorillas.
Ian talked about an initiative he is working on with others called: “Rebalance Earth”, which is an initiative that is working on a biodiversity token that incentivises the maintenance of keystone species such as African Forest Elephants that play a vital role in capturing carbon and restoring ecological resilience. If one could prevent the extinction of this species, the market value of the calculated lifetime carbon capture of an Elephants’ natural habitat alone equates to an income of 80 USD a day that could be paid to local rangers and the communities protecting these previously unvalued natural capital assets. In a pilot project the Rebalance Earth initiative is therefore planning to create an economic system whereby the elephants’ carbon capture and carbon sequestration services can be funded by any organisation or individuals worldwide wishing to offset their carbon footprint. The funding process is facilitated by smart contracts. 

Click here to learn more.

Video of Justin's Talk
I'd like to thank Justin for his highly informative and entertaining talk to a full house in Stroud on Monday night. In an hour and a half, including questions, he led us through a completely factual maze (or perhaps more accurately, web of deceit) of how the money supply and money creation for the entire world starts and ends in private hands. Henry Ford said ‘It is perhaps well enough that the people of the nation do not know or understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning’.
As a strategy, Justin can't possibly go around the country giving powerpoint presentations, but if we asked nicely, he might let us use his powerpoint and some of us could learn to give this talk so that this suppressed knowledge becomes widely known. (Of course, we'll never be able to litter the talk with Justin's own anecdotes, but I'm sure we could make a good fist of getting this message across.) The good thing about it is that it really is knowledge that everyone needs to know if they are to be better informed. Last night the audience was 'warm', but this talk could equally be given to a critical 'cold' audience, such is the vast majority of our fellow countrymen, and would be a valid way of making inroads to waking a few people up or, at the very least, beginning a conversation - not a conspiracy theory in sight! We are fortunate to have had someone film the event, click here to watch.

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