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Welcome to our library! 

Our library of books focuses on health & wellbeing, philosophy, spirituality, and parenthood (and much more), with a membership option for those wanting to borrow books regularly. Visit our shop to find out more about our books, and to apply for membership.  

It's easy to join! Choose from our two membership options: £3 per book pay-as-you-go, or £5 per month membership (£15 up front for the first three months, then monthly, or £60 annual membership). Borrow up to eight books at a time (6 wk loan). Log-in to your account to renew and search the catalogue online. Just bring proof of ID and address to access our unique collection of popular, academic and esoteric titles, and help the Beacon of Renewal balance the books! A big thank you to generous community members who have donated new, popular additions.

Image by Andrew Coelho
Image by Andrew Coelho

The library is now packed up in boxes. 

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